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Welcome to Flyclix

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1. Boldfit Gym Shaker Pro Cyclone Shaker 500ml with Extra Compartment, 100% Leakproof

2. Strauss Blender Shaker Bottle 760ml

3.HAANS Spider Protein Shaker Bottle, 500ml

4. Nivia G 20-20 Plastic Sipper (Black) 600ml

5. Fitkit Classic Bottle Shaker 700ml

Step 1: Add Your Liquid
Add the desired liquid. The protein shaker usually has measurement marks on the side. For example, pour 16 ounces of water, juice, dairy milk or almond milk into the protein shaker. Add the liquid before you add the protein powder to keep the powder from clumping on the bottom of the shaker or coating the sides.

Step 2: Measure Your Powder
Measure the protein powder. Packaged protein powder comes with a scoop for measuring one serving of the powder. If you don’t see the scoop, reach to the bottom of the powder. If you buy protein powder in bulk, use 2 tablespoons.

Step 3: Add Other Ingredients
Add any other ingredients. A protein shaker offers a convenient way to take powdered nutritional supplements. Check with your doctor about supplements and don’t exceed recommended doses.

Step 4: Cap It and Shake
ut the lid on the shaker. Make sure it snaps in place, so that it’s sealed. This prevents the lid from coming off during shaking. Shake the protein shaker vigorously up and down for a slow count of 20. The mixer breaks up the protein powder and helps mix the ingredients together.

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